"Music was my refuge. I could crawl into the space between the notes and curl my back to loneliness."

Maya Angelou


Music is a form of art, which has the most power over people's hearts. It is truly amazing how music does not have any barriers in penetrating deeply the core of human emotions and making feelings become incredibly  vibrant and powerful. Journey into the world of music is a never ending one. There is probably not enough time in a single life to listen to all of the music that was created in the course of the human history.

I am just a layman and would not possibly attempt to write anything tangible on the topic of music. All I want to do is just to mention some pieces that I like the most: "Requiem" by Mozart, his Piano Concerto No 20 and Symphony No 40; Paganini's Violin Caprices and Violin Concerto No 1; Piano Concerto No 2 by Brahms and his magnificent Symphony No 4 (especially sad and mesmerizing first move); Tchaikovsky's Violin Concerto and Symphony No 6; Piano Concerto No 2 by Rachmaninov; Chopin's piano works; Beethoven's "Patetique" and "Moonlight" sonatas, his Symphony No 5 (the third move in particular); Toccata and Fugue by Bach, his "The well tempered Clavier" and violin concertos... The list can go on and go on. And the most exciting side of it is that it  never remains static - there are always new discoveries within the eternal and fascinating world of the music.



Melody moves the heart, rhythm moves the body. When both come together in harmonious and passionate, emotionally reach union - that is Argentinean Tango. This highly addictive dance took me into it's world like wind takes over an autumn leaf. It brings me incredible joy to dance it, to feel the emotions of the music and interpret them, filter them through my own feelings. It is a sophisticated dance, which requires a lot of dedication, but the reward is worth all the effort. If you want to find out more about tango just do a search on the web and you will get plenty of sites maintained by professionals and enthusiasts of this incredible and passionate dance.



Poetry is very similar to music in having rhythm and melody, but obviously it has more direct means of expressing the feelings. It is a shame, but I have real trouble finding time for reading it lately. Even though, I would name it as one of my passions.

When I get into particular mood I also draw sometimes. I have no real talent and none of my drawings worth being seen, but I enjoy doing it very much anyway.